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I know, as soon as you saw the words "easy" and "lose weight" in the headline, you were ready to write this off as another one of those gimmicks or programs sound too good to be true and usually are. But bear with me and you'll learn 3 strategies that I guarantee will help you in your weight loss efforts.

You've probably been conditioned to believe that weight loss had to be tied to countless hours at the gym, the latest supplement breakthroughs or eating nothing but celery stalks and tofu. Fortunately, dropping a couple dress sizes doesn't take anything that drastic. What it does take is making some small changes in the behaviors that led to the addition of those unwanted pounds. Here are 3 lifestyle changes that will immediately help you lose that unwanted fat and get your body back.

1. Stop Eating Out. Think back to when you were growing up. Do you remember what the dinner plates looked like? Now compare that to what the "plates" look like at O'Charleys, Applebees or any of the other chain restaurants. It's no wonder we're gaining weight. There are dozens of studies about eating out and they all lead to one conclusion: if you eat out, you overeat! Not only is it almost impossible to exercise effective portion control when you eat out, but you're also compelled to get you money's worth so you eat everything you're served rather than stopping when you should.

The bottom line is that those who eat out consume more calories than those that don't. Take a break from eating out for the next six weeks and see how easily you can drop a dress size or even two. And you can use the money you saved eating at home to buy a couple of new outfits to showcase your improved body.

2. Eat Smaller Portions. You don't have to avoid the foods that you enjoy – you just can't eat big servings of them. An easy way to do this is to use smaller plates for your meals. This will help you fell like you're not depriving yourself while still exercising good judgment. And don't think that just because something is on your plate, you have to eat it. As opposed to what your mother told you, you don't have to ‘clean your plate.' In fact - you shouldn't. Eat slowly and stop when you aren't hungry any more. You'll quickly find that you can enjoy your favorite foods and your skinny jeans at the same time.

3. Make Better Choices. I know I just said that you can eat the foods you enjoy and still lose weight, but that doesn't mean overindulging on processed foods, candy, sodas and chips. The key is moderation. So when you go to the supermarket, do the bulk of your shopping around the perimeter of the store and spend less time in the isles. When you're at work, keep health snacks handy so you don't have to rely on the company's vending machine for your energy boost. But most importantly, make good choices with the meals that don't really matter. Your quality of life won't dramatically improve if you choose a cheeseburger over a grilled chicken salad for lunch, so don't do it. Save the times when you are going to choose foods that might be considered unsupportive for the meals that you really look forward to. Improving your choices will accelerate your weight loss and help you save unnecessary calories without really trying.

Obviously, there is nothing magic about any of these three strategies other than the results that they produce. So start applying these three simple ideas and prepare to get your body back.

The Benefits And Taste Of Premium Oolong Diet Tea

One of the most popular of all dark teas in Black Tea which is very widely drank in the U.K. where it is a customary staple in their breakfasts. Even though it is derived from the exact same plant as green tea, white, and oolong tea Black Tea has a much stronger flavor and is a lot darker as well.

You may be wondering how it is possible to get so many different types of teas from the same plant. With Black Tea it goes through many more steps in processing than green tea for example. The tea leaves are first withered then rolled to take advantage of the anti-oxidant polyphenols that are abundant in the leaves. After this process the leaves are fermented by leaving them out in the humidity and heat after which they are then dried and packed for delivery.

Although it is the difference in the processing that accounts for the majority of the difference in the taste of Black Tea over others it is also true that the taste can vary according to where it is grown, much like coffee and even wine. Some may be fruity or flowery tasting depending on where they are grown as the soil and climate of certain regions affect taste.

Even though in modern times it is the English that we may think of when we first think of tea, it has been the Chinese who have been drinking tea for thousands of years and they began drinking it for the health benefits, not the taste. Tea is said to benefit those with ailments such as stomach pain, headaches, and even more serious conditions like coronary disease and cancer.

According to research it is the compounds called theaflavins and theaburigins are polyphenols that in addition to giving Black Tea its dark color, are also antioxidants that assist the body in getting rid of the harmful free radicals that are known to cause certain diseases and some forms of cancer. These are similar to the antioxidants that are also found in dark fruits and vegetables as well.

One study that was done in Louisiana by the American Heart Association concluded that the consumption of Black Tea could possibly help reduce the incidence of strokes and heart attacks by minimizing the clogging of arteries. This is accomplished due to the tea's influence on the body to produce more nitric acid which causes the arteries to expand allowing for greater blood flow.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about tea as well as gourmet teas and gifts at

Premium Oolong Tea.

As Rachael Ray has talked about in great detail on her television show, Premium Oolong is known to burn more fat than any other diet beverage or tea. Many celebrities have touted the power of Premium Oolong and has lost weight drinking the tea every day as part of her daily regimen.

What is Premium Oolong Tea? There are many different oolong teas grown all over Asia. Wu Long, history tells us, is the name of local man who accidentally left oolong out to dry (ferment) in the sun. His name was SuLong, WuLong or WuLiang. It is believed his name was Wu Liang. This was shortened to Wu Long, which is the tea that is fermented, and processed naturally. This tea, Premium Oolong Tea, has hence been referred to Wu Long Tea.

Where does Wu Yi come in? Wu Yi is a mountainous area, named the Wu Yi Sha Mountains, located in Fujian Province, China. The Oolong Tea found in this region is quite unique and rare. It is grown carefully in special soils, no insectisides are used, in high altitudes, and the tea is processed naturally. Hence the name Wu Yi, or Premium Oolong Tea.

Premium Oolong diet tea has powerful fat burners that make it a great weight loss and dieting beverage. It has additional medicinal benefits of Oolong Diet Tea as well:

  • Increases Metabolic Rate

  • Has Been Shown To Decrease Glucose Levels

  • Shown To Reduce Cholesterol

  • Aids In Digestion

  • Reduces Stress

  • Strengthens The Immune System

  • Improves The Skin Look And Feel

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

The Chinese have known about the powers of Premium Oolong Tea for centuries. Chinese medicine is famous around the world for natural, herbal medical treatments, only recently recognized by the American medical community. They have long known that the fat burning power of Premium Oolong Tea offers a way to naturally, safely, and effectively lose weight.

Astonishingly Simple Secrets that
can help you to Lose Weight
Why do you lose weight when drinking Tea? Tea contains caffeine, flavanols, polyphenols, vitamins and other substances that promote fat oxidation, which helps remove excess body fat, therefore, the more you drink tea the slimmer you get! In 2006, new research in Michigan, at the Northwestern University Bio Med Department, scientific evidence was presented that suggests that Oolong Tea and Puerh Tea both lower the amount of blood lipids, causing the slimming effect. Oolong Tea Before and after each meal during the day, one should drink a cup of oolong tea - but not immediately after a meal.

Please drink it, one hour after and avoid drinking any liquid during meals. When you boil the Tea, the water temperature should be about 80 to 90°C. You should let the tea leaves stay for a few minutes and refill a few times to extract the maximum quantity of nutrients. No milk or sugar should be added. Each person should drink Teas according to their own individual habits. Gradually you must choose how much and when to drink Tea to suit your personal needs. It is one effective way to reduce weight while enjoying a great taste.

Oolong tea can simply burn body fat. It is rich in iron, calcium, numerous minerals, while contains various natural properties that promotes the digestive enzymes to break down fat substances in the blood. These trace minerals are also important to the day to day health of your body. In Japan, Oolong Tea is widely known as the "Slimming Tea", also popular as the "Looks Tea". Recent studies have demonstrated that a cup of 300ml oolong tea is equal to a fast walk for 15 minutes or up and down stairs for 10 minutes. A daily cup of Oolong Tea (it's recommended between three and four a day) will definitely assist you to lose weight, to have a slimmer body with less body fat and better shape. It is gradual, it is natural and it works!

The recent studies at Northwestern University confirmed that Puerh Tea's health benefits include lowering blood lipids that assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and slimming. In 2005, French doctors at a clinical trial, at the Roche Institute in Lorraine, tested the Yunnan Puerh Tea drinking effect on 500 men and women between 30 and 60 years old. Their findings strongly suggested that drinking two three cups a day can reduce body fat effectively. In the north western region in China of Xintian, they have a popular saying “I prefer to go about a day without food, then not to have my tea. I must drink it every day". Their main diet is beef, mutton and cheese, all very high on fat.

Nevertheless they remain extremely slim and tend not to gain weight despite their diet. One of the main reasons is thought to be that they regular have a high consumption of the local brick-tea, Puerh. Puerh Tea is a fully fermented tea, and it is unique because through the fermentation process, it can improve the enzyme decomposition functions of fat. In particular, it has proven to inhibit to the accumulation of abdominal fat. Pu'erh Tea is also excellent to the stimulation of the gastro intestinal organs. During the summer, keep a pot of iced Pu'erh Tea in the fridge; coming home from work, or from the gym, you can enjoy a cool healthy drink. You will feel the invigorating effect and great well being from this simple creation of Nature.

Studies have shown that health benefits result from drinking tea. Teas come with cancer and age fighting antioxidants that can benefit anyone. Other benefits include the vitamin C that is in some, these work to fight colds and other illnesses. Polyphones also found in some types of teas, aid in digestion and strengthen the teeth. The following are ten natural healing tea therapies.

Green Tea

Green tea comes with many different vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the body. Fluoride and vitamin C are among two of the healthy ingredients. Vitamin C boosts our immune system naturally, while fluoride works to prevent tooth decay and strengthen our bones. Some varieties of green tea include Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Roasted Japanese, and Green Peony Tea.

Premium Oolong Tea

Oolong tea has several natural healing ingredients such as lowering the body's cholesterol and aiding indigestion. Many people enjoy Oolong tea because of its fruity, sweet tastes. Some Oolong tea varieties include Ice Peak, Jasmine, and Hairy Crab.

White Tea

White tea leaves is not fermented and this results in chemical compounds in high concentration. These chemical compounds have cancer-fighting properties. White tea gets it name from the white and silvery appearance when brewed. Some varieties of White tea include White Peony and Silver needle.

Black Tea

The most popular type of tea in the Americas and England has a variety of tastes that include spicy, fruity, or even flowery. Containing antioxidants, Black tea has properties to reduce artery clogging and reduce the risks of stroke. Some varieties of black tea include Rose, Earl Grey, and English breakfast.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is an fruity, aromatic, floral tea. It has many different uses such as, relieving insomnia, toothaches, swelling, and muscle cramps.

Rosebud Tea

Another floral tea, Rosebud tea is derived from the rose bush buds. The taste of Rosebud tea, is often sweet and light, with an aroma of flowers. This type of tea is known for aiding the circulation of the blood and is often mixed with other tea varieties.

Wild Holy Tea

Not typically a tea for the taste, it is generally used for medicinal purposes. The properties of Wild Holy tea work to control obesity, blood pressure, aid digestion and circulation of the blood, as well as detoxifying the body.

Milk Tea

Indian Black tea and Milk tea are often mixed with different spices and is most popular in areas of Sri Lanka and India. Generally, Milk tea is mixed with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and Milk. This type of tea is known to help the overall health of a person when mixed with other types of teas.

Red Tea

Grown in Africa, research concludes that Red Tea contains high levels of antioxidants. Furthermore, there is no caffeine in Red tea. The antioxidants within the tea works to strengthen the immune system Varieties of Red Tea include Organic Cape, Florida Orange, Organic Green Summer, and Organic Green.

Paraguay Mate

Paraguay mate is extremely popular in South American areas. Generally brewed with a mixture of different spices and consumed from a gourd through a straw. Paraguay Mate has been known to boost energy, aid in digestion, and curb depression.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about natural health and Diet Products and Plans at

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Our Tea Club Membership is an auto-ship program that commences with your initial order. When you order the membership, you must check the check box noting your understanding and compliance with the terms and conditions of the club.

The terms and conditions are simple. Your credit card will be charged every 30 days $29.97. 120 bags of Oolong Diet Tea will be shipped to you every month. You may cancel any time you wish either via email or via our 800 number - (800) 715 - 3585 or click here to email us.

Doctor Recommended
Doctor Xian Kuang, professor of traditional and herbal medicine at a major research center in China, has studied the research literature available on the medicinal properties of Oolong Diet Tea. Dr. Kuang agrees, that while further research is necessary on some of the medicinal attributes of Oolong, the fat burning / weight loss capabilities of Oolong are shown to be highly effective.  



Many people are at a loss when trying to put together foods for a proper diet. If you follow these guidelines they will help you get a good start.

50 to 55% of your diet should be carbohydrates. It is a myth that you should try and avoid carbohydrates when you are on a diet. Rather the other way round I should say. Carbohydrates are a ready source of energy and so 50 to 55% of your diet should be carbohydrates.

25 to 30% of your diet should be proteins. Various processes and activities are going on in our bodies. Things are broken down and being built up again.
Resistance has to be built up, recovery from disease too is needed and for all this the body needs plenty of proteins so see to it that 25 to 30 % of your diet consists of proteins. Protein also builds muscle and the higher your muscle content the higher your metabolism. You should aim for about one gram per pound of bodyweight.

Fats should only be 15 to 20 %. You need only this much of fat in your diet so keep it at that.

Try and adopt a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet is undoubtedly better for those of us watching our diet. There are a lot of advantages of keeping to a vegetarian diet but I don't want to sing an ode to vegetarianism now. What I would suggest is keep to a vegetarian diet as much as you can. Make a non- vegetarian diet a week end event or something if you find it impossible to give up eating all those animals.

Choose white meat rather than red. White meat, which includes fish and fowl, is miles better than red meat, which includes beef and pork for those trying to lose weight.

High Fiber multigrain breads are better than white breads. Remember how I told you to increase the fiber content in your food; well this is the answer to that. It is not only better in terms of the fiber content but also in terms of the protein content as well. Reduce your intake of pork. Pork is not something that can help you to lose weight. So the lesser pork you eat the better chances you have of losing weight. And remember that pork includes the pork products as well, things like bacon, ham and sausages.

Limit your sugar intake. If you can't have things unsweetened go for sugar substitutes. These things are just as sweetening but are certainly not fattening.

Graze 5 to 6 times a day. Instead of sticking to just three meals a day, try grazing. Grazing means try having 5 or 6 smaller meals instead of three king sized meals. It is an excellent way of having smaller quantities of food.
Go ahead eat cheat food, but only for flavor. There are many things which you have to avoid from your diet but which you may have an undying craving for. Do not avoid them altogether. You could call them cheat foods and indulge in them once in a while. But take care just to tingle your taste buds, don't hog on them. Instead of that share them with others.

Follow these tips to help you with any diet program.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get a great selection of diet products from


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